Deploy Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10

Use Realmigrator to migrate anything

RealMigrator helps to solve any roadblocker when migrating Windows 7 to Windows 10 by offering detailed asset inventarisation, local and home share data migration to OneDrive including favorite and other special files and folders, local PST detection and migration to Office 365 Mailboxes.

RealMigrator is a single file application running in user mode. Based on a flexible set of configurations RealMigrator will start to analyze the local machine to prepare an ongoing and throttled upload. When finished, the client can easily get a fresh setup of Windows 10 without loosing user data.

RealMigrator Flow

Flexible Analyze and Collect Assets

Deploy an user mode application with your preferred deployment strategy (Login Script, GPO, SCCM, even by mail) and get instant information about all assets and data to migrate. An individual configuration for groups or locations starts afterwards to synchronize all user documents and settings, IE favorites, PST-files and anything else to its future destination (OneDrive, Exchange Online, Azure).

RealMigrator Progress

Minimum Footprint and No User Disturbance

There is no user disturbance during the days or weeks of migration. A tray icon signals the work in progress and informs about the state of a device on request, but everything happens fully automated in the background with taking care of bandwith-throttling and metered connection. The sync watches for document changes and works continuously.

RealMigrator Finalize Step

On Time User Migration

On the final date of migration the user will see a full screen finalize dialog with a pre-defined information text helping the user to understand the migration steps for the device. The user may optionally opt-out for some time but eventually the last blocked files will be automatically released and synced and the device is ready for upgrade.

RealMigrator Portal

Web based Administration and Monitoring

The web based administration portal gives insights about all devices and sync states and helps the administrators to group machines based on networks or other criterias. Individual configurations may help collecting the perfect set of documents and data depending on location or special requirements for a subset of users.

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